Dr. Hauschka Moonlit Massage At COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

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January. The month we all dread. Well, this year, it’s time to turn it around. Make it the month you enjoy a little guilt-free downtime and indulge in not having a diary full of events to tick off. Sure, there’s plenty of work to get on with, and readjusting to ‘9 to 5’ life certainly isn’t a breeze, but there’s also free slots to allocate completely to yourself. The dream…

After the rush of the festivities, we could all do with a rest, and it doesn’t get much more peaceful than a massage appointment. But which one to book? Winter means dry skin and we’ve found the perfect remedy at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Park Lane, using the divine Dr. Hauschka oil blends.

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After sipping an invigorating ginger tea in the calming reception area (a total contrast to the buzz of the hotel check-in desks downstairs) we entered the locker and shower room, which is much more glamorous than it sounds, to slip into the COMO Shambhala guest uniform – a huge white robe and slippers, of course.

The treatment rooms here are super-dark and tranquil, creating the perfect environment to get that relaxation vibe going. But before sinking onto the bed, we had a little chat with the therapist to decide which Dr. Hauschka oil would be most beneficial for the treatment. Interestingly, we were asked more about our emotional wellbeing, rather than the body, since Dr. Hauschka is very effective at lifting your mood.

For the ‘Moonlit’ theme, focusing on how sleep can be affected during a full moon, the Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil is recommended, but for us, with feelings of stress and exhaustion, we opted for the beautiful Birch Arnika Energising Body Oil, which has the power to revive both mind and body, giving new life to tired muscles.

If you haven’t stepped into to the beauty world of Dr. Hauschka before, you’re in for a real treat. With standards and an ethos that a lot of brands could learn a thing or two from, Dr. Hauschka is 100% natural, organic, free from nasties, paraben, synthetics and is never tested on animals. It’s great for sensitive skin and has won more awards than we’d like to list. Pure botanicals are the foundations of everything they stand for, which is particularly wonderful when going for a full body massage.

The massage is beyond amazing, with hot towels on feet, special techniques to drain toxins (essential for a post-Christmas detox) and a neck massage to soothe the worst tech-neck symptoms. Plus, if you’re fitting this into a day where you can’t have hair dripping in oil, a towel is used on the hair, so you can still get all of the benefits from the stress-busting Indian head massage.

The experts at COMO Shambhala really know their stuff and the Dr. Hauschka oil is heaven sent for dehydrated limbs. A powerful collaboration indeed.


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Words: Penny Lane