New Season Colour Refresh At Electric Brighton

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I’ve had the shorter ‘do for a little while now, and the addiction to going just a little bit blonder and a tad shorter, keeps getting stronger. There’s something about braving it above the collar bone that makes you want to keep the look striking, rather than au naturel.

Then there’s the fact that the colour choice for a brunette wanting a whole lot of foil and bleach action, means you need to pick a colourist with skills, because unlike the long waves that hide a multitude of sins, the bob isn’t very forgiving. So, with a long list of requests, I headed to Electric Brighton

First up, the salon’s location. Can you get much better than the beach at the end of the road? Huge bay windows? Yep. Killer soundtrack, relaxed vibe, wine and biscuits on tap? Yes, yes, yes. Electric has it all going on. It’s also the birthplace of the brand, founded by Mark Woolley, who now has a string of salons across the country, including London, Reading, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Oxford.

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For the colour transformation, I meet with the lovely Luke, and trust him to work the magic instantly. He’s a dream to chat with as he expertly applies two bleach foils to one caramel tone, to achieve the desired brightness. Packing the foils in tightly and a little balayage around the ends to lift the look, Luke also suggests using a creamy toner to create a cooler effect. Side note: previous to this, I’d always swayed towards a warmer toner, which I now know is where I’ve been going wrong as it so often goes brassy. Well, yellow tones no more, thanks to Luke.

After a chat with Veronica, explaining how I’m into a slight graduation to avoid the dreaded flick-out, but not too much (I must be so annoying), she sets to work on creating a modern bob, without heavy layers. I’m seriously digging this because layers and my fine hair are not friends. Instead, Veronica creates shape without removing too much weight, keeping the style full. One delightful blow-out later, and the colour and cut looks amazing!

The team are fun, ultra creative and make the experience a total pleasure. Plus, if you’re a rebel like me and are wholeheartedly avoiding the dark side for the colder months, Electric are masters at lightening up dark hair with ease. Hair heroes.

18 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AD, 01273 202088,

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Words: Penny Lane