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We thought we’d tried some pretty darn impressive nail and foot treatments in the past. That was until we visited the Margaret Dabbs London clinic in Marylebone and everything changed. A relaxing pedicure is one thing, but the epic Medical Pedicure is on a whole new level…

A little background on the lady behind the beauty magic. Podiatrist and foot expert, Margaret Dabbs, opened her first foot clinic in 1998 within the Harley Street area. As she garnered a loyal foot following, she went on to create Margaret Dabbs London the brand, with a collection of products (you may have seen her popularity on the QVC shopping channel) and now, five clinics in the UK and one in Dubai. The difference here, is that Margaret has blended the two worlds of beauty and health. An appointment with the team gives you the groomed hands and feet we all desire. But, there’s also the brilliant know-how of complete hand and foot health.

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We’d heard from quite a few beauty queens that a trip to the clinic would be unforgettable, so with a chipped mani and some seriously dry feet (gross, but true) we skipped along to see what all the fuss is about.

The Marylebone space is bright and airy with ladies seated blissfully enjoying their treatments and flicking through a glossy. We’d arrived to try the famous Medical Pedicure, so entered a separate, private room with all the tools to transform hardworking feet and hands. With Laura, the podiatrist working on the feet and Pauline, the technician on the hands and mani, this is the dream if you’re pushed for time and need to get both beauty jobs done in one session.

Feeling a little embarrassed by the amount of hard skin surrounding those unloved soles, Laura explained that women’s feet are often worse due to poor footwear choices, which made us feel happier knowing that most come into the clinic looking far from a foot model.

Down to business, Laura used a machine with varying heads to file away the dead skin, including a scalpel (not as scary as it sounds) to scrape away those tough areas on the heels. The process is repeated to get the softest, smoothest finish ever and the toenails are buffed and filed to perfection. This is happening whilst Pauline, on hands, pushes back and trims up the cuticles, creating a gorgeous ‘squoval’ shape and applies a fresh polish, complete with Seche Vite top coat, for the speedy drying time.

The products used contain the Margaret Dabbs’ hero ingredient, Emu Oil, which offers up some serious hydration and a wonderful moisture boost. There’s also a new polish range to get excited about with a whopping 72 beautiful shades to please all, enriched with vitamin E and wild rose botanical extract. We opted for a vibrant, summery orange called ‘Tiger Lily’ for the toes and created a cool colour clash with ‘Forget-me-not’ blue on the hands.

The Medical Pedicure experience is intensive and so much more advanced than anything we’ve ever tried before. It tickles a little, but is completely painless and the result is pretty much ‘new born’ feet. In fact, the soles were so baby soft afterwards that we couldn’t stop reaching for another feel, gathering some strange looks on the tube ride home. We also took away the Professional Foot File to use at home and the antibacterial Foot Hygiene Cream for daily use.

Both are award-winning and it’s clear to see (and feel) why everyone loves them. Even if you’re not planning a pedicure appointment, purchase the Foot File and we promise, you will not regret it. Nothing comes close to its efficiency at getting rid of hard skin. We toyed with the idea of a ‘before’ foot photo but didn’t want to put anyone off their lunch. However, you can see (pictured above) just how ‘good as new’ the soles look after the Margaret Dabbs’ techinique. Plus, the results last a very long time, so it’s worth every penny.

Recommended podiatrist & technician: Laura & Pauline

Medical Pedicure (without polish) | 45 minutes | From £85

Total Manicure | 35 minutes | £35

7 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8UU

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