How To Nail The Perfect Base

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You’ve applied too much foundation – what to do now? Colour correct in a V-shape? Confusing, huh? Pro tips required? Yes, please. Well, it’s all here, thanks to Jessica Blackler, make-up artist and founder of Jecca Makeup, who’s ready to share her know-how, breaking it down into five simple steps…

Step 1

Skin prep is key. Apply a moisturiser with an SPF to help your foundation and concealer glide on smoothly. Massage for a couple of minutes to boost circulation and leave a minute for it to sink into the skin before moving on.

Step 2

Figure out your problem areas and use a colour corrector on any parts of the face that have discolouration so that might be shadows under the eyes, redness on the sides of your nose or on individual marks and spots. Using a corrector first helps neutralise, but only use it on areas that need it. My Jecca Makeup Corrector comes in a perfect peachy shade that is ideal for under the eyes and around the mouth and nose, as it expertly evens out discolouration and darkness, plus the creamy formula can be layered on without looking heavy. My top tip for camouflaging dark circles – apply the Corrector in a V-shape under the eye and buff it out with a brush towards the cheeks.

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Step 3

Blend your concealer on top of your corrector, again only on areas that really need it. Remember, you are concealing the problem area – layering up too many products will just result in patchy and cakey areas. A concealer gives any imperfections extra fool proof coverage. You might only need to add concealer on its own to cover smaller spots or blemishes, but be sure to blend. You can use a small flat brush to apply onto any fiddly areas like the side of the nose and your clean fingers to gently pat onto other areas. My concealer comes in a beige-nude shade that glides onto skin helping to disguise any problem areas, but still leaves a feather light finish.

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Step 4

Next foundation. This all depends on what kind of finish you are going for. For sheer coverage, I like to mix my foundation with a touch of an illuminating beauty balm to keep it dewy and natural. I use my fingertips as it gives more manipulation, a lighter texture and look. Applying foundation with your fingers helps you push the product into your skin better. If I’m going for fuller coverage however, I might use a brush for a more flawless finish but I’ll only apply where I need it, rather than a mask of foundation.

Step 5

Powder is an essential final step. Set everything with a translucent loose powder, as this locks in your foundation and helps give it staying power. I like to dust just the T-zone and keep the rest of the skin looking glowy.

Pro tips

Want a super light dewy finish? Rub moisturiser on your hands before you blend your foundation in for a really pretty sheer finish.

If you’ve applied too much foundation, a quick spritz of a misting spray will help soften the coverage. Just give the face a light mist, then blot!

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