Celebrity Facialist, Su-Man at the AWAY Spa, W Hotel

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Make a trip to London’s super-cool W Hotel to see the amazing Su-Man and you’re in for a total skin care treat. Read on to see why we think it was the best facial ever...

We’d heard fabulous things about Su-Man and her unique massage techniques, so to say we were rather excited at the prospect of our appointment, is an absolute understatement.

Inside the dimly lit AWAY Spa, Su-Man greeted us with open arms and led us into the cosy, cocoon-like treatment room. After a skin analysis using hi-tech photography equipment, which takes hugely zoomed in snaps of the skin’s surface, Su-Man commented on how dry our skin was and the visible sun damage - eek! But luckily, she said there was still time to bring it back - yay!

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Onto the bed, Su-Man cleansed and steamed the skin before extracting impurities and unblocking pores, under a vast magnifying glass.

Taking much inspiration from her expert knowledge in the power of the body (Su-Man is also a professional dancer and has recently been training Freida Pinto), massage is undoubtedly what makes the treatment so invigorating.

In between the facial steps, she releases tension from the neck, shoulders, back and scalp to open all channels. As she says, “you don’t clean the house without opening the windows.”

Following an intensive exfoliation process, Su-Man applied a rich, botanical placenta mask to nourish and hydrate. While we enjoyed the cooling and ultra soothing sensation, she set to work on the arms and hands to loosen muscles and boost circulation.

Su-Man sculpts and contours the face, as she reawakens the body through a series of 36 strokes. The number six was thought to be lucky by the ancient Chinese and is believed to leave both body and mind completely balanced. The treatment is completed with a powerful moisture boost to leave skin super-soft.

Joely Richardson says, ‘very lucky is the person who can experience a treatment in her hands’ and we have to wholeheartedly agree. Her technique, quite literally, leaves you feeling reborn. Skin feels renewed, noticeably plumper and immediately more radiant and we couldn’t wait to look in the mirror. The results were outstanding in comparison to other facials, and days on since our treatment the glow still remains.

Su-Man is so likeable, friendly and bursting with energy and beauty knowledge. She blends all her own products used throughout the treatment and we can’t wait to try her new range, due to launch at the end of this year.

£200 for 60 minutes

Treatments with Su-Man are available at the W Hotel, Leicester Square, every Thursday.

 To book call: 0207 758 1071

Words: Penny Lane