5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Trinny London

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Every so often, a beauty collection comes along that shakes up the way we apply our make-up. No mean feat when there are so many products available, all competing for our divine attention. Trinny Woodall’s portable beauty did just that for us, so here’s why we love the range and think you will, too…

Stackable Convenience

Carting around hordes of make-up can be a real drag, which is why we’re seriously loving these clever little pots that click and stack together to create your perfect, capsule collection. Concealer, bronzer, blush, contour, eyes, highlighter, lips, it’s all there. Plus, you can use your fingers if you wish, for speedy application on-the-go. Build your own stack and enjoy the handbag freedom.


Lightweight, dewy, daily coverage never looked so good and it’s in the form of this magical formula. It comes in a tube, meaning you can’t initially stack it, however Trinny London send you a pot to decant whenever you need to. The BFF Cream is one of those intelligent products that has the ability to quickly adapt and match to your skin tone, so it’s easy to pick your colour online, and it includes SPF 30 for UV peace of mind. It’s sheer enough to avoid the ‘caked’ look and glow-enhancing to make you appear super-fresh-faced, after too many late nights. A few sweeps of this and a large hit of caffeine will fool everyone.

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Hailed as a ‘little pot of sunshine’ - we have to wholeheartedly agree. Using the tiniest amount (works brilliantly with a stippling brush) on the forehead, working it lightly into the hairline, creates mega definition and a healthy warmth to the skin. Unlike a powder bronzer, it doesn’t sit in fine lines either. Winner.


The truly brilliant thing about this beauty range is how every product, formula and texture to made to enhance and perfect, without looking like you’re wearing tons of make-up. Everything has this lovely glow about it, meaning it’s absolutely amazing if you’re skin is dehydrated. That said, if you want more drama, the little pots allow you to layer-up each product as much as you want to. Pat extra colour or coverage on whenever you like to increase intensity.

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Trinny has master-minded a brilliant online profiling service that basically tells you which colours will work best with your eyes, hair colour, skin tone, et al. It’s quick and very effective. After using ‘Match2Me’, every shade that arrived was ideal. Use #TrinnyTribe to join in the conversation and community.


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