5 Minutes With Tine Emilie Svendsen + Tanja Gregersen, Founders Of Natural Make-Up Brand, Miild

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How did the Miild story begin?

The Miild story began because we both suffer from severe allergies and sensitive skin. Besides that, we are makeup artists and we couldn’t find any makeup we could use without getting allergic reactions. Being a makeup artist and being allergic to the products we used and were working with every day was a huge conflict for us. It became our mission to create a makeup brand with transparency and that one can trust to be safe. That’s one of the main reasons why we are certified by ‘AllergyCertified’, ‘The Nordic Swan Ecolabel’ and ‘ECOCERT COSMOS’.

Are the Miild products organic?

Yes, they are. They are certified according to ECOCERT COSMOS standards. This certification ensures that the ingredients are manufactured according to sustainable methods and have strict percentage demands for organic and natural origins.

Do you have a hero product?

YES. Everybody loves the Concealer Duo, probably because it gives an instant effect. You just look fresher and more alive wearing it.

Is work-life balance important to you?

Work-life balance is very important to us. Our work gives us a lot of energy and we are so grateful for finding our passion and living it every day. But we also need to get energy from things not related to work. Such as yoga, meditation, being with friends (having a cocktail etc.), being with our beloved families, finding inspiration and self-development.

In the beginning we worked a lot – too much. But that’s how it is to build your own company. We still work more than average and to be honest we are still in the process of learning how to balance work and personal life. We realised that the consequences of not mastering it, are too serious.  

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Instant relaxation tip?

BREATHE! All the way down to the stomach. Feel the air filling up your body with energy. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Who inspires you?

Tanja: All the people in my life inspire me in their own unique way. I feel the most inspired by people being themselves and acting out of love.

Tine: My mom. She is always there for me and she taught me how to open my heart to love.

Can't live without...

Uh, that depends if it’s a thing or a feeling. We can’t live without love: love from each of our boyfriends, our families, our customers and from ourselves.

But if it’s a thing, then we agree that our ‘Save My Face’ pillows are a must for our everyday happiness. Maybe that sounds funny. But try it! It’s amazing, if you have allergies, when you have a sore neck, if you have acne or if you want to avoid lines in your face etc.

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What’s your morning ritual for a productive day ahead? 

Tine: I always start by clearing my head. Making lists helps me a lot. I write down what needs to be done today and what would be nice to get done.

Tanja: I do five yoga exercises every morning. It keeps me balanced and focused throughout the day. Also, I can’t live without my to-do lists.

Most stylish city?

COPENHAGEN – we just love our capital and recommend everyone to come visit it.

Beauty must-have?

Oh, that’s a difficult one. Remember that you are asking two beauty nerds. Beauty can be interpreted in many ways. A beauty must-have is love towards yourself and who you are.

A beauty product must-have is a good beauty oil combined with our highlighter. Then you have the most glowy and healthy-looking skin.

Proudest moment?

Tanja: The day we launched our products (20th April 2017). OMG, I was sooo proud. WE DID IT! After three and a half years fighting for what we believed was possible and then finally being ready to share our products with the world! That day will always be one of the biggest moments of my life.

Tine: I agree. And what makes me proud now is meeting customers, who purchase Miild for the third, fourth or even the fifth time, at our retailers – remembering their faces and them knowing that I remember theirs. That’s magical!

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The perfect weekend includes…

Tine: Long walks with my dog and my boyfriend. Giving myself quiet moments and recharging with long naps. And of course, good food!

Tanja: My weekends are all about either having fun (like literally laughing a lot) or getting myself grounded. That could include yoga lessons, long walks or moments just by myself.

Dream holiday destination?

Tanja: Hawaii – I love warm holiday destinations with lots of nature, beaches and fresh air.

Tine: Mexico. I have been told, the nature is incredible.

A tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Follow your idea because you want to – not because you have to. Never stop believing in your idea, even during hard times. Create a good team around you, which complements your skills.

Questions were answered by Miild co-founders Tine Emilie Svendsen and Tanja Gregersen

You can find the full Miild collection here: uk.klarify.me/collections/miild

uk.klarify.me is the official retailer where Miild products can be purchased in the UK. Miild has partnered with them in the UK, as klarify.me are specialists within allergy products and therefore set the bar very high when it comes to evaluating the safety and quality of the products.