5 Minutes With Pro Surfer + Model, Laura Crane

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Laura's interest in surfing began at the age of 13, after she moved to North Devon and became UK champion at the age of just 14. Since then, Laura has represented Great Britain internationally, ranking fifth in the 2013 International Surfing Association European Championships.

Whilst travelling the world competing, Laura continued to model for International brands including Nike, Billabong and Chilli Surfboards. Now based in Portugal, following a two-year stint surfing in Bali, Laura is dedicated to promoting a healthy body image and flying the flag for talented, female surfers and sportswoman across the globe…

How did you begin surfing professionally? 

I started doing national competitions in the UK, which is how I got selected for the GB team. From there, I went to the European Championships and then on to the Junior Championships. Along the way, I got sponsored by Billabong, which really made surfing into a career for me, rather than just a hobby.

Tell us about representing Great Britain internationally... 

I was 15 when I first got selected and it was a massive change from just representing myself, to representing a whole team. Because surfing is such an individual sport, as soon as you're part of a team, you're surfing for everyone!

Is work-life balance important to you? 

Absolutely. That's the main reason I've stepped away from competing for a short period of time, as I think it's so important to have a good balance and to remain passionate about what you do, you have to have to mix things up a bit! 

Instant relaxation tip? 

For me, it genuinely is surfing. It's one of those sports that can change your mood instantly. My mind just goes somewhere else as soon as I get into the water. 

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Who inspires you? 

My Mum inspires me for being able to put up with me for so long!

Can't live without... 

Coffee! And being able to go to the beach.

Favourite swimwear brand? 

My friend has a brand called 'Nusa swim' that I love. It's perfect for surfing. 

What's your morning ritual for a productive day ahead? 

The first thing I have to do is get some coffee! Then I like to go for a long walk and check out the local surf for the day ahead. I think it's great to start the day off by getting out of the house and being active. 

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Most stylish city? 

London. For me it has the best style of any place I've ever travelled. 

Beauty must-have? 

I use a lot of hair masks because my hair gets so dry from being exposed to the sun and the sea all the time. Sun cream is also an absolute necessity doing what I do.

Your proudest moment was? 

Probably when I was 14 and first became British Champion!

Your perfect weekend includes... 

Going to the beach with friends, finding perfect waves then having a BBQ and camping. Then surfing all day and heading out for a great dinner.

Dream holiday destination? 

My favourite holiday place so far has been the Maldives. I spent most of my time there on a boat and the waves were super-fun, too. 

Catch up with Laura on Instagram @lauraloucrane