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BOOK CLUB: How To Be Happy With Bryony Gordon & Emma Gannon


Tuesday, 3 July 2018

I recently attended a fantastic book event held by Rooftop Book Club and The Pool, featuring mental health advocate Bryony Gordon and author and broadcaster Emma Gannon. Both were there to introduce their new books and to discuss how mental health and careers can sometimes go hand in hand…


Rooftop Book Club Rooftop Book Club - Emma Gannon

I took a seat a few rows from the back (so as not to look too eager and uncool) and was delighted to find a goody bag containing two brilliant books: Lie with me by Sabine Durrant and I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O’Farrell. What with these goodies plus wine tokens, I knew I was going to be in for a good night.


The event was chaired by The Pool’s Sam Baker, who quizzed both Bryony and Emma on everything from success, happiness, mental health, careers and comparison.


First up was podcast star Emma Gannon, who introduced us to her latest book The Multi-Hyphen Method; a book that offers advice to working women, who are perhaps tired of the 9-5 city life and are looking for work that is more flexible and rewarding. Emma believes that it is entirely possible for us to change our mind-sets with regards to how we view ourselves in the workplace. By actively choosing not to compare yourself to others and to stop measuring your level of success by the job title you possess, we can break free of the corporate chains and find a career path that suits us.


The Multi-Hyphen Method is a guide to help you rediscover your passions, whilst allowing yourself to appreciate progress in different ways. It’s a reminder that it’s not worth sacrificing your morals and mental wellbeing in order to be seen as successful. Forget title-climbing, it’s all about listening to yourself and living in the moment.

The mic was then passed over to Bryony Gordon, who after the success of her first two novels (The Wrong Knickers and Mad Girl) has now written an inspiring book about her ongoing mental health journey and how running has changed her life for the better. Over the years, working as a writer for The Guardian, Bryony has seen first-hand how the pressures of everyday life in the workplace can intrude on your wellbeing and mental health. Eat, Drink, Run is a memoir about finding that all important work-life balance, whilst incorporating exercise and encouraging mental health awareness.


If you’ve read Bryony’s previous books, you’ll be aware of her daily struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how this illness has affected every aspect of her life. Having given up drugs and alcohol, a now sober Bryony decides that one method she hasn’t yet tried – running – is worth giving a shot. Fast forward to the present day and Bryony has completed not one, but two London Marathons and has weekly running clubs for others who are looking to feel better, both mentally and physically.


Bryony is a breath of fresh air when it comes to being educated about the importance of mental health, and her brutally honest memoir not only reiterates her values about the importance of mental wellbeing, but also highlights the undeniable physical benefits of running. This book will leave you feeling motivated and wanting to dig out your trainers. As Bryony said herself, ‘If I can run a marathon, anyone can!’


You can purchase Emma’s book here and Bryony’s here. For more information about upcoming Rooftop Book Club events, head over to their Twitter page.