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TREATMENT REVIEW: The Speedy Hybrid Facial


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

by Penny Lane

Party season is so near, I can almost touch the glitter, taste the canapés and sip the festive fizz. Sure, it’s a breeze booking up the diary with December soirées, but after a good while spent hibernating and not a lot of beauty effort, it may take a little time to get fully prepped for going out-out. First up, a complexion overhaul with plenty of glow factor, please…


Perk Hybrid Facial Review Perk Hybrid Facial Treatment Review Perk Hybrid Facial Treatment

I recently trialled Perk, the new, super-fast and very clever hybrid facial that’s already making waves in Sephora and has just arrived in the UK. Ready to brighten skin across the land and created for busy women, who struggle to allocate time to long beauty appointments, you can either give your eyes, face or lips some Perk action, or opt for all three, with a treatment time of under 30 minutes, and skincare vials to take home with you! Result.


I go for the big trio, which all centres around a machine that uses ‘unique roller-flex technology’ to deeply exfoliate and boost circulation, whilst pushing hydration goodness into the skin (much-needed once you’re merrily working your way through aforementioned cocktail parties, and require a moisture boost to balance the booze intake).

The lip section is particularly exciting because it really plumps them up for long enough to see the results well into the evening (get this done on the day of the bash). Plus, those annoying fine lines around the eyes appear less pronounced post-treatment. The sensation feels like a tiny hoover moving across the skin, sucking up the dead cells and impurities, which becomes even more satisfying at the very end, when the therapist shows you the grim colour of the liquid that’s lifted from your face.

The overall verdict? A brilliant and affordable quick fix that’s perfect for pre-special event prep, giving you instant results and lots of brightness, especially when you’re running out of time and need a last-minute radiance boost.


Perk treatments start from £35, available at salons and clinics nationwide,