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FASHION MONTH: Olivia Cox Shares Her LFW Diary

Friday, 29 September 2017

There are certain things in life that are certain - one of which is that every six or so months, London Fashion Week comes around. The bi-annual timings mean that LFW strikes just after a period of relative calm - be that Christmas, or August (aka fashion's month off), which is both good and completely beastly in just about equal measures...


Good because we have time (in theory) to gather our thoughts and get organised before it all begins. Beastly because we are lulled into a false sense of serenity, causing just about every fashion-related person to swear the season has come around faster than the one before.  



London Fashion Week Diary Olivia Cox

It follows that every season we all solely promise we will be more selective, and attend only the shows we’re 'really into'. Of course, these promises are just about as whimsical as a student who swears on a Fresher's Week hangover, they'll never drink again. 


This season, though, I had the most marvellous base in super-central London at Hotel Café Royal, so my down-time was just as precious as my show attendance. Hotel life is a real dream for me - I love a long, uninterrupted breakfast sesh in bed; and am constantly tickled by the turn-down service (in Hotel Café Royal they carefully place fresh squishy slippers exactly where your feet will land. So, nice). Plus, I'd made bookings for spa treatments at Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, and the most decadent afternoon tea in the Oscar Wilde Bar. So, I had to be a bit choosy. Here's my LFW diary... 


D A Y  1

Good morning LFW ;). Crazy early car to Paula Knorr with Aveda - rewarded with a vision of texture-clash hair and ombre tones. My mustard dress by 8th Sign was a real hit, and in good company - bumped into my uni friend Lilah Parsons later on at the Daks FROW and she was wearing the same one! Luckily, I'd changed by then - into navy velvet co-ords by Tara Jarmon, plus red accessories by Aspinal. The Days collection was all beaut Riviera. No time to dwell, though - Ella Hunt and I legit ran to Eudon Choi to see the cool waves by Neville Hair & Beauty. Ella helped me change in the back of the cab. We're basically friends for life now... Late check-in to my Hotel Café Royal suite and just enough time to change into my beaut Bronx & Bronco dress and Moda in Pelle sandals, before the car to Kensington Palace arrived for the Couturissimo show. Totally surreal, felt like I was on a movie set. 

LFW Olivia Cox LFW Olivia Cox Diary LFW - Olivia Cox LFW Diary Olivia Cox

D A Y  2

Woke up to the memory that I had the sense to order breakfast in bed last night, yaaaayy! I'd been party-hopping to the BWM x Hallie Sara event, and clearly had food on the brain because I ordered literally everything on the menu... I was still working my way through the gluten-free pastry basket when my MUA, Candice arrived. We are doing a simple eyeliner flick (MAC) and pillarbox red lip (Smashbox) to go with my glossy Neville blow-out (I get two per week). Headed to Markus Lupfer with my fellow blonde, Sophie Hermann, then switched into the most amazing Wear The Walk ensemble for Pam Hogg, et al. 

London Fashion Week Olivia Cox London Fashion Week - Olivia Cox

D A Y  3

Skinny Dip insta-take-over day! Lots of cute, kitsch accessories, and playful colours. Candice did a super-cool purple-under-eye liner that went perfectly with my Zeynep Kartal leather dress for the afternoon shows. On which note, I learnt a valuable lesson: leather plus runway lighting equals a very sweaty FROW. Joined Fleur East on FROW for John Herrera, then scooted to The Apartment to watch the Topshop show. Shunned party invitations in favour of a MASSIVE marble bubble bath back at Hotel Café Royal. I love suite-living. 

LFW Diary. Olivia Cox LFW Diary. 2017. Olivia Cox

D A Y  4

First show today was Paul Costello. I arrived in a bit of a flap because I couldn't figure out how to tie the tassels. Justin (Paul's son) came gallantly to my rescue. Sat with Charlotte De Carle and Fran Newman-Young because we were all wearing khaki and that sort of thing is fun. Next up: Aspinal with Laura Pradelska and Lady Victoria Harvey. Accidentally co-ordinated red and navy tailoring with Laura. Popped back to Hotel Café Royal for the most indulgent afternoon tea and massage combo, EVER - had to really coerce myself to leave the Akasha spa! Closed the day (and my season) on the Julien Macdonald FROW with Lucy Meck and Thom Evans. Julien came out at the end with the girls and they all danced and hugged under the glitter confetti being cannoned down from the ceiling. I love moments like this. 


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