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WORK LIFE: 6 Tips To Find Your Perfect Job



Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Feeling a little frustrated or confused about how to break into the industry you’re most passionate about? Help is at hand with Charlotte Billington’s (a pro career coach) six simple steps to get noticed…

1) Be Focussed

Charlotte Billington

Make sure you are completely certain of what your ideal job actually is. My top tip before you even begin is to have done some self-analysis and to have worked out the ideal role for you, so that your efforts moving forward are focussed.

2) Research

Do your research. Educate yourself on the industry and positions out there. Attend conferences, read books, blogs, social media company pages and other information sources. Research the backgrounds of others who have done well in your desired field. Most often, people who have done well in their area and enjoy it, are very happy to talk to those who are equally passionate and considering entering their area. Learn from others from how they did it.

3) Your Network

Talk to people and contacts that you, or your network, have in the job that you want to do. Learn from them. Ask for introductions.

4) Know Where To Look

Register with the correct agencies and websites that specialise in your desired job. Also, make a list of the top 10 companies you would like to work for, phone their HR department and ask what agencies they use to recruit, then join them.

5) Present Yourself Well

Make sure your LinkedIn profile and CV are looking the best they can, your experience is relevant and that you stand out. Some companies, for example, use LinkedIn as a search database – make sure your key words/ideal job is mentioned throughout your profile (a number of times) so you come up on their searches. In person, make sure you interview well. Interview practice and training (some of which you may be able to find online) might help you achieve that dream job.

6) Get Out There

Be visible. To start moving in the right direction you need to make things happen. Talk to that contact, make that first move. One of my favourite quotes on this: ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door.’


Should you need some help with the first point, Charlotte Billington has recently written a very popular book, What to do Next? - available on Amazon. A practical, uncomplicated and fantastic starting point to help you to work out what that ideal job actually is.


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