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TREATMENT REVIEW: Lash In Bloom Extensions At Browhaus | Holborn


Wednesday, 19 December 2018

by Penny Lane

I’ve had some terrible experiences with eyelash extensions in the past. Years ago, I let a friend who was training merrily test out her skills, which resulted in a fair amount of glue seeping into one eye – ouch. Another time, I had so many applied that I could barely open my lids. Pantomime donkey is not a good look, although currently in season.



Browhaus Holborn Review

A recent visit to the experts at Browhaus changed all of that, with an ever-optimistic, third time lucky approach. Browhaus have salons all over London, however I specifically chose the Holborn location for its mega pink décor that I’d seen on Instagram. It did not disappoint, teamed with a beautiful, monochrome tiled floor.


I chatted to lash-pro, Jade, who recommended avoiding a cat-eye shape, instead going for more length in the centre of the eyes to create a wider look. After many years of using falsies, I know this to be true, as almond eyes and cat-eye lashes focused primarily on the outer corners are a tricky mix.


Jade tells me that the more natural lashes you have, the longer the treatment takes, as single lashes are precisely placed directly over your own. In total, I was happily relaxed on the bed for around 1 hour and 30 minutes, whilst the lash magic happened.

Browhaus Holborn Review Lash in Bloom Eyelash Extensions Browhaus Holborn Review Lash In Bloom Browhaus Holborn Review London

The results are undoubtedly noticeable, yet you could be fooled that I was blessed with this much lash depth. I must also say, it has been an absolute dream to wake up recently, without the need for mascara. Hello, party lashes.


They’re also very easy to wear and cause zero discomfort. I refrain from getting the new lashes wet for 24 hours, as directed, to allow the glue to completely set. They will last up to four weeks, with infills suggested every two weeks. As you can see from the before and after shots, the final effect is an impressive transformation, without owning huge lashes that look slightly ridiculous, day-to-day.

Browhaus Holborn

If you’re after a real perk-me-up treat, then a visit to Browhaus is well worth the lash-lifting investment.


Lash in Bloom, £120

Check out their brow treatments,