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Perfect weekend? It would involve a large quantity of food, al fresco drinking and a pub quiz.  


Can't live without? Cholula hot sauce, it's the dream.


Style must-have? A good quality leather jacket.


Favourite city break location? Berlin is an amazing place for nightlife, food and culture. 



Olivia Cox Jess Mooney

Penny Lane, Editor

Olivia Cox, Beauty & Travel Writer

Alicia Grimshaw, Travel & Lifestyle Writer

Jess Mooney, Treatment Expert

Beth Norton, Fashion Writer

Best high street haunt for a wardrobe revamp? Whistles, Zara and Cos for pieces you’ll wear again and again. I adore the Topshop Unique lines, too.


Prints or embellishment? A strong print can make a wonderful statement. I find embellishments too fussy.


Street style inspiration? Miroslava Duma always looks amazing. I love her style choices.


Cult beauty buy? I can't leave the house without applying Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick. Gives instant radiance. Everyone should own this.





Who inspires your personal style? Aimee Song and Julie Sarinana - both top fashion bloggers that effortlessly mix LA laid-back casual with the more modern, sharp-tailored city girl look.


Perfect weekend? A few days in New York; shopping, exploring and shooting in my favourite overcrowded city. And trying all the healthy brunch spots that seem to pop up on my Instagram feed!


Best skincare tip? Drink plenty of water and always take your make-up off before bed.


Can't live without? Coffee. Soy cappuccino for me please.

Ultimate city break? New York City. Every girl needs to unleash their inner Carrie Bradshaw now and again!


Skin care essential? Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - eight hours of beauty sleep in a tube.


Favourite spa? Four Seasons Hampshire, the ultimate country retreat.


Most treasured item? My gold bracelet, passed down to me from my 90-year-old grandmother. Who's still going strong, I might add!


Charlotte Golzari, Fashion Writer

What or who inspires your personal style? My style is mostly feminine-meets-boho but I tend to mix in a bit of tomboy, black and minimalistic pieces now and then. I love classic British style icons Jane Birkin and Kate Moss, but was also inspired by the Australian fashion scene when I was living over there. My favourite Aussie label is Alice McCall.


Favourite skincare product? Coconut oil!


Can't live without? Strawberry Nivea lip balm and a good mascara.


Dream holiday destination? My ‘happy-place’ is Byron Bay, Australia due to its breathtaking beaches and laid back lifestyle. I’d love to travel anywhere in Brazil or Bali.




Sophie Bertrand, Health & Nutrition Writer

Perfect weekend? Starts by hitting the gym then getting ready for a night out with friends, finishing with a spa day and spending time with family.  


Favourite make-up product? I love Too Faced make-up. If I had to choose one product it would be their primer.


Most treasured item? A little embarrassed to say my laptop! I have absolutely everything stored on it - most importantly all my photos.


Dream holiday destination? A spa retreat in Bali.



Jessica Chalmers

Jessica Chalmers, Fashion & Travel Writer

Best high street shop for accessories? It has to be Zara. They always manage to give a perfect catwalk interpretation so quickly.


Favourite designer? Balmain or Burberry. Each season they continue to make classics with an edgy twist.


What and who inspires your personal style? Freja Beha Erichsen, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss, mixed with elements of street style from places I visit. A mish mash really, but I always give it my own identity.


Simple separates or clashing prints? It would have to be simple separates but they have to be accessorised!




Rachael Jones

Rachael Jones, Home Style Writer

Who inspires your personal style? Diane Kruger. She makes everything look so effortless.


Most stylish city? Of all the cities I've been to, it's a tie between London and Rome. Everyone is just so well put together.


Favourite home style brand? That's a tough one. I have always loved Habitat. Their aesthetic is simple, timeless and affordable.


Colour popping brights or sleek monochrome? It depends on the materials used, but I'd say the former. A pop of colour completely lifts an interior.



Cortne Morgan, Fashion Writer

Who inspires your personal style? My mum, Pernille Teisbaek, Leandra Medine and Olivia Palermo.


Most stylish city? New York or Paris.


Must-have beauty item? Sanitas Lemon Scrub.


Favourite designer? Ellery. 



Anya Meyerowitz

Anya Meyerowitz, Fashion & Beauty Writer

What or who inspires your personal style? I'm inspired by anyone not afraid to be different. We live in a world where you can express yourself in anyway you want.


Vintage or high street? Vintage every time! I love having to root through to find something, so you really feel like you've earned it. I also love the idea that you are the only person that has it.


Best beauty tip? Have Epsom Salt baths - they are great for your skin and leave it looking fresh and dewy. Also, use setting powder! I never used to do this but it keeps your make-up intact all day.


Most treasured item? The gorgeous velvet cape passed down from my grandma, to my mum, to me. I love things with history.





Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell, Beauty Writer

Perfect weekend? Getting dressed up and having girly drinks followed by a cosy Sunday, complete with an all the trimmings roast dinner.


Best beauty tip? Always apply foundation with a brush, especially if you have oily skin. By eliminating oil transfer from your fingers, make-up stays on longer.


Can't live without? Yorkshire Tea, earphones and eyebrow pencil. Good eyebrows are so important to shape your face.


Style must-have? Dark skinny jeans - they are my wardrobe lifesaver when having a ‘nothing to wear’ moment.



Sophia Chettleburgh, Lifestyle Writer

Can't live without? My morning cup of tea and liquid eyeliner.


Most stylish city? London, of course. With New York a very close second.


Style must-have? A classic leather jacket - it complements so many different outfits.


Best beauty tip? Less is more. You can always top up throughout the day.





Jessica Watt

Jessica Watt, Fashion & Beauty Writer

Best make-up tip? To use a foundation brush or sponge when applying your base to get a nice even coverage and avoid the dreaded jaw line streak.


Can't live without? The make-up product I definitely couldn't live without has to be mascara. I love long luscious lashes and it really helps me to wake up.  


Dream holiday destination? I would love to explore all around the world, but the one place I'm dying to visit is New York.


Favourite high street store? For clothes I love Topshop, but for everything else, Boots. I always spend a fortune in there!






Margot Noel, Fashion Writer

Cult beauty buy? Egyptian Magic, Lucas' Papaw Ointment, Dermalogica's Microfoliant, Sampar's Source de Nuit mask and Antipodes' Aura mask.


Can't live without? My daily emailing-while-listening-to-music-while-eating-peanut-butter-while-walking-the-streets-of-London.


Most stylish city? London.


Favourite designer? Depends on the season.







Lesley Vye

Lesley Vye, Beauty Writer

Favourite spa? Clarice House in Bury St Edmunds. I book in once a year for a complete detox!


Beauty guru? Alex Box. Not only an artist in the world of make-up, she will always ensure the complexion is flawless and the best it can be, before she gets to work.


Dream holiday destination? Vietnam. Beautiful scenery and stunning beaches - a completely different culture to experience.


Most treasured item? My gold ring, which has been passed down through the female side of my family for decades.




Lucy Power

Lucy Power, Sub-Editor

Style icon? Olivia Palermo without a doubt. The woman can do no wrong, class, elegance and she never wears a style just because it's 'on trend'. Simply timeless pieces that never go out of fashion and that suit her figure effortlessly...dreamy.


Best make-up tip? Don't wear make-up. Your skin will thank you for it when you're in your 60's and my grandmother is perfect evidence of this. (I do love my mascara though!)


Perfect weekend? A weekend away with my sisters anywhere in the sun. Cocktails, dancing, and more cocktails...just for good measure.


Favourite high street store for new heels? Zara, Zara and Zara!








Paula Halliday

Paula Halliday, Fashion & Beauty Writer

Favourite perfume? Hugo Boss Nuit. I always regret straying away and trying something new because it's just my scent now, anything else doesn't feel quite right!


Style icon? In life, Angelina Jolie. For style, probably Fearne Cotton, but perhaps that's to do with my age (I've loved her since Smile). She does grungy just right.


Most treasured item? My Pandora bracelet. I love how personal they are as a gift.


Dream holiday destination? Bora Bora - it has to be.








Penny Lane Editor Journalist The Style Lane Alicia Grimshaw Charlotte Golzari Beth Norton

Beauty guru? Seeing Nicola Joss backstage is the highlight of my Fashion Week. She always has the craziest new tips.


Perfect weekend? Escaping to the countryside for some field sports and then relaxing by the fire. Maybe with a massage thrown in.


Favourite perfume? John Galliano Parlez-Moi d'Amour.


Best make-up tip? YSL's Fred Letailleur taught me to apply blusher up and down your cheekbone, to avoid looking 'stripey'.

Margot Noel Cortne Morgan Sophia Chettleburgh Sophie Bertrand Marni Banks

Marni Banks, Lifestyle Writer

Most stylish city? I'm obsessed with New York. It's full of ambition, new ideas and character - that's what true style means to me.


Best high street shop for accessories? Zara is my go-to. They have a perfect mix of statement pieces and timeless classics, and I love how they merchandise them so you can see how they'll complement a look.


Best beauty tip? Don't be afraid to explore the versatility of products. Some hydrating face masks are great for split ends, and some hair serums work beautifully at making your legs look silky smooth.


Handbag essential? A notebook. One that's small enough to not weigh your bag down, but perfect for jotting down ideas and inspirations you find throughout the day.







Lucy Edery

Lucy Edery, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Favourite brunch spot? I'm a brunch obsessive and favour anywhere that does a good shakshuka. One of my favourite spots is Federal Cafe in Barcelona, but closer to home Brew Cafe is great for a lazy Sunday morning.


Dream holiday destination? With stunning beaches, great food and an even better atmosphere, Brazil holds a special place in my heart.


Can’t live without? Coffee - preferably iced and with almond milk.


Current skincare obsession? Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask is a real treat when my skin is feeling unloved. I also swear by Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm to fix EVERYTHING.