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HOME STYLE: 5 Minutes With Abigail Ahern




Monday, 9 October 2017

Interiors obsessed? Even more transfixed by dark and moody palettes for the new season? We have big news to share. Designer, author and queen of cool, Abigail Ahern, is launching a collection with and it's available to shop tomorrow. So, if you’re about to give your home an epic overhaul, get ready for some major decor inspo and plenty of styling advice…

Abigail Ahern Interview

You’re famously evangelical about dark and inky interiors. What advice would you give to anyone that’s tempted by the dark side, but nervous to dip their toe? Start small, I started out by painting an alcove and then progressed from there. So get started by painting a small wall, nothing that radical - baby steps as it were. Once you do it there is no going back, I can promise you that!


You’re also renowned for being way ahead of the curve when it comes to spotting new trends. Can you share your top trend predictions for 2018? It's funny because I always follow my heart and never think if something will be a trend or not. My biggest obsession of late is oversized pieces - from mirrors, to lamps and plants - as they add instant grandeur to any space making it look way cooler than it really is. Oh, and I’m also dabbling with wire formations on all sorts of stuff!


Are there any looks that you think will start to wane? Blush tones and copper, seen it and so bored!

Abigail Ahern x Wayfair

How has interiors style changed over the years and how to do you see it evolving further still?

I think people are more confident than ever and therefore more willing to experiment and push boundaries, playing more with colour, texture and proportion. Design lovers tend to also be a bit more fearless about eclecticism – instead of being slaves to a theme they will mix with aplomb. I think that will get more and more creative as time goes on, which is hugely exciting. 


What are your top three styling secrets for taking a room from blah to beautiful?

  • Lighting is a game changer, especially when you go for it - an average size room needs a minimum of eight lamps.

  • Colour is one of the most transformative things you can do to a space.

  • Lastly, but also equally important, is texture. Texture adds instant pizazz and makes spaces cocooning and welcoming.  

Abigail Ahern Styling Advice Abigail Ahern Styling Tips

What was the inspiration behind your latest curation for Wayfair and which is your favourite piece in the collection and why? I’m a little obsessed with cowgirl glam, so this collection was inspired by the colours of the outback. It’s hard to pick a favourite piece, but the butterfly chair is something I want in every room!


How do you switch up your interiors style as autumn/winter approaches? I add more texture – draping lots of sheepskins and throws everywhere. I’m also a big fan of candles and winter botanicals, which make everything feel super cosy.


You’ve just launched a new range of faux botanicals for the upcoming season. Any tips for styling seasonal blooms into a space? I have a whole team of florists working for me and they've given me lots of tips. Firstly, keep all stems below the head of the vase so only the flower heads topple over. All the beauty is in the flower heads and they look far cooler when you don't see the stems. Secondly, I tend to group in single colours – it’s the easiest thing to do and it looks so impactful. Lastly, cluster flowers and plants in odd numbers - it’s way cooler that way!

Abigail Ahern x Wayfair Collection

Your home is a treasure trove of unique statement pieces. If you had to save just one piece, which would it be and why? My concrete chair. It was the first thing I bought - I should have opted for a comfy sofa or chair since we had nowhere to sit when we moved in and yet I loved it so much. I still have it to this day, 18 years later.


What's next for Abigail Ahern? We’re expanding our botanicals range and are also opening in Shanghai. Scary, but exciting!



Shop Abigail Ahern’s new living room look on from 10th October 2017. Free shipping over £40.


Images: Wayfair


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